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Such a Gingery Day :)

Over Christmas, I had some ginger ale left after a party. It was going a little flat and I wanted to enhance the flavor a little so decided to add some ginger to it to give it a little more gingery, spicy, snappy flavor. I just added a teaspoon or so (I am not really sure how much) to a glass and added the ginger ale. After it sat a while, I poured it through a strainer and then drank it. Well, it worked and we actually liked it that way pretty well. So I decided to try it again. I bought a two liter of ginger ale and this time I decided to add the ginger right into the bottle of ginger ale and then strain it as I drank it. It seemed to be working fine, but after 30 seconds or so, I noticed that the ginger ale was starting to foam a little. I decided to put the lid back on. As soon as I did, not only was it foam, but it began spewing everywhere! I never did get the lid back on and maybe that was good because we could have had an explosion. I sort of let out a screech, overreacting like

Spurgeon's Devotional Job 36:2 "I have yet to speak on God's behalf."

01/12/PM "I have yet to speak on God's behalf." --Job 36:2 A Christian is not to be a village in a valley, but "a city set upon a hill;" he is not to be a candle under a bushel, but a candle in a candlestick, giving light to all. Retirement may be lovely in its season, and to hide one's self is doubtless modest, but the hiding of Christ in us can never be justified, and the keeping back of truth which is precious to ourselves is a sin against others and an offence against God. This was convicting to my own heart.

This Year

Let January open with joy in the Lord and December close with gladness in Jesus - Spurgeon   “No matter what changes God has performed in you,  never rely on them.  Build only on a person, the Lord Jesus Christ,  and on the Spirit He gives” - Oswald Chamber

The Greater Inheritance

I have personally read this book and personally know these people.  You won’t be disappointed in their story!  A true story of courage and faith, leaving the Amish life behind to find Truth, peace, and real freedom in Christ in spite of being excommunicated and severely shunned.    You can also find more information HERE