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Which Would You Choose?

Should I get a dog? 2. OR………………………………………… Should I have children?

Who Do You Worship?

Do you worship the babe in the manger But reject the Christ of the cross? Your redemption comes not by the manger But the death of Christ on the cross. If you worship the babe in the manger But ignore the blood of God’s Son To you Christ is only a stranger Till you trust the work He has done. Will you look past the babe in the manger Will you look to Calvary Oh my friend can you not see the danger Of a lost eternity? Chorus: The Babe in the manger was God’s only Son Who came to the world to die The Babe in the manger could never have done The work of His God on High. The Babe left the manger and went to the cross To Pay the wages of sin Your way of forgiveness is not by the Babe, But the Christ Who died for your sin. (If you know who the credit goes to for the song above, please let me know. I cannot find who wrote it.) My friend, if you have not looked past the babe of the manger to Calvary, then your soul is in danger. This Christmas, won’t you consider the real reason for

The ABC’s of Christmas

One Christmas our son-in-law and daughter came up with the ABC’s of Christmas.  Each letter represents something that goes along with the Christmas story along with the Scripture verses.  A is for Abraham, of whom Christ did descend. Through his lineage came the blessing that truly has no end.  Gen. 12:3; Mt. 1:1 B is for Bethlehem, where Jesus would be born; No room in the inn; only a stable forlorn. Micah 5:2; Mt. 2:1 C is for the children, who were slaughtered by the king. No more did sounds of joy through the houses ring. Jer. 31:15; Mt. 2:16 D is for David, Christ will rule from his throne. Every tongue and nation will bow before Him alone . Is. 9:7; Luke 1:32 E is for Egypt, the land to which they fled. For wicked King Herod wanted baby Jesus dead. Hosea 11:1; Mt. 2:14-15 F is for the fulness of the time of Jesus’ birth. Messiah had finally come to be the Savior of the earth. Gal. 4:4 G is for the glory of the Lord, revealed to all mankind, He made the lame to leap a

Do You Know God’s Loving Son?

Here is a song sung to the tune of Jesus Loves me that you could sing for Christmas and teach to your little ones. Merry Christmas Everyone, Do you Know God’s Loving Son Who was born in Bethlehem? Shepherds came to worship Him.   Wisemen guided by the star As they travelled from afar, Came to see the Baby small. Let us worship, one and all.   (Chorus) Come let us worship Come let us worship Come, let us worship God’s Son, the King of kings.


Do you remember a Christmas that was extra special, one that had extra meaning?  I remember one such Christmas, the year of 1969.  My dad worked for himself and we were on a limited income.  We were kind of poor, although I never knew it.  We always had our needs met, but this one Christmas there were to be no presents due to limited funds.  However, we decided that it could still be a special Christmas.  Our family and my Aunt’s family always got together.  This year each person was to choose something special to do.  Below is a little poem that I shared.  I especially remember my cousin sharing the story of God’s Trees.  Have you ever heard it?  Oh, how it touched my heart.  It is about three trees who wanted their dreams fulfilled.  The first tree desired to be a treasure box and ends up as a mere feeding trough. (the manger where Jesus was laid) The second desired to be a strong sailing ship, and ultimately becomes a small fishing boat, carrying stinking fish. (the boat Jesus

Our Annual Family Christmas

We had our annual family Christmas last Saturday night. Many of the kids will be traveling so we had to have it a week early. We had a great time. We especially enjoyed caroling to some of our friends in town. It is a blessing to be able to be a blessing to others. We really missed having Jeremy and Esther with us this year. They are where the Lord wants them, in Brazil , doing language school and preparing to better serve the Lord as missionaries to the place He has called them. Although we missed them terribly, we are grateful for their testimony and their faithfulness to the Lord. Hope you will enjoy our little slide presentation of our special day. I would have liked to have better pictures, but these will have to do.