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Music that Honors God–What it is not and what it is!

This past Sunday we had a guest speaker at church, Evangelist Dan Hadik .   He spoke on God honoring music.  His teaching on this subject went well with the post on 9 characteristics of godly music.   How important music is in the life of a believer!  May we make sure that our music honors the Lord.  Below is the outline that I got from his lesson or you can listen directly to the message HERE . Godly Music What godly music is not It is not just a catchy melody It is not just nice stirring words It is not a sound, a blend, or a soloist – Something may sound or be sung beautifully, but that does not mean it is godly or has correct theology. The hymnbook is the theology of the layman. It is not emotions - Just because your emotions are moved does not mean your are listening to godly music It does not exalt man It does not predominantly affect the body – If you are satisfying your flesh, you cannot satisfy you spirit. It is not sensual in nature. It is not worldly. 1 Jo