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Critique of ABC’s 20/20 program - Teen Victim and Forced Confession in Church

Fallacies of Logic: An Analysis of ABC’s “20/20” View of IFB Here is a critique of the ABC "20/20" program indicting Independent Fundamental Baptist churches, written by Dr. Charles Surrett, Academic Dean at Ambassador Baptist College . Dr. Surrett is also a professor and teaches Logic, so he approaches the 20/20 report from an interesting perspective. Fallacies of Logic: An Analysis of ABC’s “20/20” View of IFB

Good Music Sources

These have been added to the post on 9 characteristics of a Christian’s Music , but I have put them here separately for your convenience. Christian Heritage Media – 1900 vintage music Soundforth – BJU Press Al Smith’s Ministries Staff of Life Publications Sacred Music Services Ideal Sacred Music Bible Truth Music Jantz Music Publications Majesty Music Murray Music Ministries Pinner Publications and Musical Services The Wilds Click on an image below to see a larger view of more music sources.