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Recently I have had my eyes tested twice.  I went for a regular check up to the eye dr. just a few months ago.  As you get a little older, good eye health is important to me.  I came away with a  good report and was thankful.  Yes, I have to wear reading glasses, but that’s not so bad and you can buy them very inexpensively.  But just a little while after that check up, something weird happened to me one day.  I was sitting in a ladies meeting and all of a sudden,  I couldn’t see very well and there were “things” in front of my eyes and flashes of light to the side.   It went away within a few seconds, but kept reoccurring every so often.  Because of that,  I felt it necessary to get checked again.  This time I went to see an ophthalmologist.  Sometimes, while you think there may end up to be some sort of change you begin looking at eyewear sites to see if you can find something you like – you know – just in case. Here was an interesting eyewear site .  They have a feature called Hom

Do I believe what Jesus saith ...

Do I believe what Jesus saith,  And think the gospel true?  Lord, make me bold to own my faith, And practice virtue too.  Suppress my shame,  subdue my fear,  Arm me with heavenly zeal,  That I may make thy power appear, And works of praise fulfill.  ~Isaac Watts