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Need some new life to your time Organization?

Tell Your Time is an excellent ebook that helps with managing your time.  This is how the book helped me:   showed me how to determine my priorities helped me to cut out things that were costing me unnecessary time helped me to schedule my day around what was most important.   The author encourages you to work towards the goals she helps you lay out. So,if you need some new life to your time management, then why not give the principles of Tell Your Time a try?   The book is concise and will not take a long time to read.  There is a great deal going on with it starting tonight (Nov. 10th) at 8:00 pm central time. AND  the first 100 copies will be FREE with coupon code: FREEDOM  After that, ALL copies will be $.99 with coupon code: ONLY99   Now, that is still a great deal!  Regular price is only $3.99, but get your copy now while you can snatch a great deal. Click here to order your copy!   Ephesians 5:16  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Thanksgiving Idea

Attached is a link to a pdf file of Thanksgiving letters and a poem.  There is a couple of lines that goes with each letter.  The letters are each letter of the word Thanksgiving and the lines of the poem go with each letter.  I used this one year in my Kings Kids group.  Each child help up their letter one at a time, then quoted their lines until the word Thanksgiving was spelled out.  You are welcome to use this idea if you would like.  You can go HERE for the free download. It may prompt you for a password in which case you can enter givethanks. It is quite a big file so may take a little while to download.   You can get and idea what the letters look like below and read the poem that I used.  Click on the picture to get a larger view.  Feel free to use it any way you would like.  Or here is another poem you could use.  I don’t know where I got it and therefore do not know who to give the credit.  Have you heard it before?   Anyway, have fun! T ..... is for our thankfulness for