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Christmas Idea–Remember Your Blessings

  As you sit in a room lit only by tree lights please remember that your blessings out number the lights.


JANUARY 2011 After much thought and prayer Mel ventured out on his own and started Mel's Heating and Air.   The Lord has blessed and has met every need that we have had this year.  What a Great God we serve! SNOW!  Grandpa played in the snow with his grand kids.  JD loved the redneck sled. FEBRUARY 2011 We celebrated our 35th first date anniversary which happens to fall on Valentine's Day. MARCH  2011 Birth of grand child # 13 - Caleb Lay.  Life flighted to Charlotte due to breathing problems.  God spared his life!  How blessed we are! We also enjoyed having Mel's mom for a visit. After a devastating accident in Dec. 2010. We thought she would not walk again.  God still does miracles today!  ARPIL 2011 Our 34th Anniversary - How thankful we are for many years together!  April was also the beginning of many unusual Spring Storms.  We are thankful that God is always with us! MAY 2011 Birthday date with Kylie, our oldest grand child.  Spring time, flowers and hummin

Family Christmas Time

What a joy to gather once again with family members to celebrate Christmas.  It does not matter that we could not meet on the 25th.  What matters is that we could meet.  We all met on Saturday, the 17th because that worked for all of our schedules.  The day included lunch, games, devotions, gift exchange, and the highlight – skyping with Jeremy and Esther! I am always awed and so very thankful at the day and age in which we live. These are some of the games we played so the kids could have some fun and they did,  but for some reason the pictures got skipped. Can you stack the cups game – How many cups can you stack in one minute in pyramid fashion? Balloon Relay – the first person in line hits the balloon with a ruler around the chair and back to the next person For devotions we took turns reading verse on the Christmas Story from Luke, Chapter 2 and singing carols that went along with the verses.  One of my grand daughters said this was her favorite thing that we did.