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Prayer Requests

Mel left this morning to fly out to Orlando to meet Jeremy and Esther. They will be flying out from Orlando this evening for Brazil. Mel will drive their van back to NC. Here are a few prayer requests. • Mel’s safety in travel to FL and back • Jeremy and Esther’s safety to Brazil • Jeremy and Esther have asked specifically that everyone pray that the kids will sleep through the night on the flight. They feel this will make a much easier transition when they land in Brazil to go through customs, especially if they don’t have to deal with cranky kids. • Pray for ease in getting through customs. They have ten 70lb. boxes and about eight carry ons, three children, and two strollers. Pray that it will not take long to get through customs, that they will not open many boxes and that they can catch their next flight on time. It leaves within two hours. • Pray for continued health needs for Esther and Allie. Both are doing better, however, Allie did have one of her fevers about a

Final good-byes, but not really

It has been a hard day. Many tears have been shed today - tears of sadness and joy. It is amazing that you can be sad and happy at the same time.  Final goodbyes were said to son, daughter in law, and grand children as they finished packing their van to head out of state.  Their first stop, to say good bye to her folks.  Next stop, Orlando Florida to fly out to Brazil on Wednesday.     Brazil for Christ The Lord has answered so many prayers over the years.   All of our children have been prayed for from the womb, that God would take them and use them for His service.  Our children were given to the Lord for His service and we are thrilled that God has answered! What more could parents ask for? One of our sons is moving on now to the place that God has called him - Cuiaba, Mato Grosso, Brazil.    There is great gratitude in our hearts for great things that the Lord has done and for the fact that final good-byes were not really said because we will never say goodbye in glory!  Pr