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Revelation 21:9 “ Come hither, I will shew thee the bride, the Lamb's wife.”

Bridal showers can be such fun!  It is especially fun when the new bride is a former junior Sunday School Student.  It is thrilling to see your students go on in service for the Lord. Becky will be getting married in June and she and her future husband are already active in a church where he is now the assistant pastor and youth director.  After marriage, they will continue right on serving the Lord.   Becky also has a blog called “Life in the Big City”. The devotional at Becky’s shower was a comparison of a Jewish marriage  to us as the bride of Christ. A wonderful friend of mine, Mrs. B. Upton gave the devotional.   Below are some of the points that were made.  You can also find Mrs. B. Upton’s personal testimony of salvation following this devotional. The groom would travel from His father’s home to the bride’s house. -  Christ left His Father’s home and came to earth to gain a bride for Himself. John 6:37-38  All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh

The works of Moses and the Lamb - by Isaac Watts

How strong thine arm is, Mighty God, Who would not fear they Name! Jesus, how sweet they graces are! Who would not love the Lamb! He has done more than Moses did, our prophet and our King; From bonds of hell he freed our souls, And taught our lips to sing, In the Red-sea by Moses' hand Th' Egyptain host was drown'd; But his own blood hides all our sins, And guilt no more is found. When thro' the desert Israel went, With manna they were fed; Our Lord invites us to his flesh, And calls it living bread. Moses beheld the promis'd land, Yet never reach'd the place; But Christ shall bring his followers home To see his Father's face. Then shall our love and joy be full, And feel a warmer flame; And sweeter voices tune the song of Moses and the Lamb   The above lines were taken from the book Hymns and Spritual Songs by Isaac Watts.  I am enjoying this book very much.  Such deep thoughts to meditate upon.  You can get a free ebook at Free eBooks by Project G

A Special Day with my Grand daughter

Our oldest granddaughter, Kylie, had her 11th birthday this week! We had a special day together. We spent a few hours together - just the two of us. We had such a good time! Kylie chose a place to eat (Pizza Inn) and after we got filled up there we did a little shopping and I let Kylie pick out some things she would like for her birthday. She is so easy to please and was most grateful! We enjoyed Pizza Inn, The Mighty Dollar, Burkes, Claires, and the Dollar Tree. The best part was just being together. I love all our grand kids and am thankful that Kylie knows the Lord Jesus as her Savior. I look forward to the day when all of our grand kids are saved. Times here together are precious, but how much more precious that we can spend all eternity together! Below is a video clip of Kylie at Pizza Inn. Below are some more picture of Kylie and myself.  It was a rainy, cold day in May :), but we still had fun.

What Is Your Favorite Hymn?

I recently posted this on facebook because I thought it was cute and I know how children misunderstand words in songs. However, many people still commented with their favorite hymns. Do you have a favorite hymn? Why not share it in a comment below? I have more than one, but one of my favorites is "Jesus Paid It All".