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Continued Trials, Continued Trust

The doctors believe they have been able to diagnose Esther's condition.   They believe it is a condition called "pyoderma gangrenosum" which is often associated with an auto-immune disease such as her ulcerative colitis.   They have just begun treating her with extremely high dosages of Prednisone.  However, this treatment will also kill her immune system, putting her in great danger of a secondary infection, which would be a very high possibility considering the living conditions in that area of Brazil.  Pray for wisdom as to whether or not they should return to the states.     Please pray for the treatment to take effect and that she would be protected from any secondary diseases.  If you don't receive Jeremy's updates I have copied it below so you can see the latest on Esther.  Thank you all once again for your continued prayers.      Yesterday morning we sent out a request for Esther's condition with the ulcer's on her leg.  Since the request was sen

Mr. Food - Blue Ribbon Casseroles

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Caleb opens his eyes

So good to see this video of our newest grandson Caleb. God is good and Caleb continues to improve.

Trials, Tribulations, and Trust!

This has been a week!  We never know what one day might bring.  Our 13th grandbaby was born on Tuesday! Caleb Lay came into the world weighing 6.9 pounds and 20” long.  Everything checked out fine except  that he was having breathing problems.  He  had to be air lifted to a children's hospital in Charlotte.  He looked so pitiful hooked up to all those machines, but we are sure thankful for the doctors and the technology these days that can save so many little lives.  He seemed to be doing better in just a short while and then one of his little lungs began collapsing and they had to do some risky procedures on him.  Praise the Lord for opportunities during this time.  My son was able to tell the doctor that this little guy had been given to the Lord and it was the Lord who decided between life and death.  They told the doctors to do what they thought was best and they would ask the Lord to guide his decisions and his hands.  God is so good.  As of this morning Caleb has improved an

Urgent Prayer Request

Jeremiah 16:19 O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction,… Our Daughter in law faces some crucial health issues in Brazil.   This is their latest prayer letter update.  If you read this I hope you will pray for her.  Please pray for Esther as she deals with a new health problem. About a week and a half ago we noticed a mosquito bite (there are many of these as we are still in the rainy season) on her calf that had turned into a sore. Over several days it continued to grow and turned into quite a large ulcer. We went to the doctor last Friday, and he gave her several local anesthesia shots before beginning to cut out the ulcer. When it was done he has cut about 3/4 inch deep and probably a little more than an inch in diameter. He bandaged it up, put her on an antibiotic, and said to come back on Thursday. Well, we went back yesterday morning thinking that it had been healing through the week. When the doctor unwrapped the bandage, we all looked conce