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Lockhart Life In June

LOTS to be thankful for - so many blessings! Jeremy and Esther have been facing their trials in Brazil .  Esther has been battling some health issues, but the Lord undertakes for her and has given daily strength and grace.  She is improving and is working on a certain that diet that should help bring some relief.   Jeremy witnessed a bank robbery in Cuiba, Brazil this month.  We are thankful that he was not one of the vicitims.  Hummingbirds, flowers, mountain scenery - these are many of the blessings we see every day right from our own home. Our children have a heart for souls!  What more could we ask for.  There was a couple stranded on the road and David and MaryEllen stopped to help them, making sure their car got to a good mechanic and that the couple was taken care of until the car was fixed.  They were able to be a witness to this couple at the same time.  Divine appointment? Mel and I were privileged to take a vacation this month.  First to the NC/TN mountains and then t