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Hudson Taylor: Saved By a Tract

Here is another story of what a tract can do from Moments with the Book and their little booklet “ Moments for You ”.    If you would like to read this on line you can go here . Gospel tracts have the amazing ability to deliver their message to many souls that the distributor of the tract will never even meet. Hudson Taylor, who was used of the Lord to reach countless souls in China, is an excellent example of this. One day while seeking something to read, Hudson turned over a basket of tracts in his father's library and selected one that looked interesting. While reading it he was struck with the phrase, "The finished work of Christ." Immediately the words attracted his attention. "What was finished?" he asked himself. Reading further, the tract explained the finished work as "a full and perfect atonement and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world." Then Hudson thought, "If the whole work was finished on the cross of Calvary, and the whole

Appropriate Attire

I found this little thought on the Biblical Family Ministries Site.  Just something to think about. Appropriate attire in court Here is a thought from Deleware Superior Court Judge, William Whitham Jr. He said, “Courts are a place where serious business is conducted, and that demands appropriate attire. We’re not out to treat people as school kids, but we do expect if you come to court, you need to treat it with the appropriate respect and dignity it should deserve due to the occasion.” Wow! I wonder where the Judge goes to church. Does it amaze you that the world gets it, but too often Christians do not? What happened to respect and dignity in the worship of Almighty God?

None in Hell

"Tracts everywhere!" said a young man with a sneer as a Christian handed him a gospel tract one afternoon. "No," said the tract distributor quietly, "there will be none in hell," and passed on. God fastened that single sentence in that young man's mind and he could not get rid of it. "None in hell!" seemed to echo in his ears every time he saw a tract, and ultimately he was converted. This little story was taken from the site Moments with the Book and their little booklet “ Moments for You ”.  Their booklet this month has several little stories about tracts and how profitable they are.  If you would like to read this on line you can go here . This is also a great place to order some quality tracts.   I will try to post a few more of these stories on my blog also.