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The Greater Inheritance

I have personally read this book and personally know these people.  You won’t be disappointed in their story!  A true story of courage and faith, leaving the Amish life behind to find Truth, peace, and real freedom in Christ in spite of being excommunicated and severely shunned.   

You can also find more information HERE


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Just For Fun–Gift Card Giveaway

This Giveaway is Closed. Thanks to All who entered. The winner is Princess Mom CONGRATULATIONS! I am going to try something just for fun. I have been given a gift code for CSN Stores. CSN stores has over 200 shopping sites with a wide selection of goods. They offered me a $20 gift code for putting up the post on pendant lighting . (Now, how many of you wondered why I wrote a post like that? Now you know!) I am always happy to get free money. The gift code was given to me to keep or giveaway. Well, I would like one happy reader to win this code and use it the way they would like. Due to CSN terms and conditions, this code will not cover international fees. US and Canada only are eligible to enter. And you must be 18 or older. To be honest I have never shopped at the CSN stores , but I did go and look to see what could be found for $20. The best deals I found were in the toy and game section . If you are a winner you might want to go there or maybe you are better at sea

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I recently had a birthday, but more important is my spiritual birthday.  I am so thankful to be born again. This is my 50th year in the Lord!  To think that the Lord saved me and keeps me is beyond my comprehension!  I am so filled with awe and gratitude to my Lord!  Since this is my 50th year to be saved,  I wrote down 50 reasons why I love Him.  It was not a hard task.  There are so many reasons to love the Lord.  I cannot think of one reason why the Lord would want to love me, but I am so thankful that He does.  He only is our HOPE. I have been so overwhelmed with the Lord's love for me that I felt like I needed to share it with others.  If you don't know the Lord, please don't delay.  You will never regret His love for you. He first loved me. He sent His only begotten son to die in my place. He forgives all my sin He saved me by His shed blood He has never left nor forsaken me. He is ever merciful and His mercies are new every morning. He gives grace

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