In the kitchen:
  • Store your nonfat dry milk in the freezer.  If you don’t use it that often, like myself, it will keep much longer this way. 
  • Don’t waste your money on sweetened condensed milk.  You can easily make your own.
    How to make sweetened condensed milk:

    1 c. instant nonfat dry milk
    2/3 c. sugar
    1/3 c. boiling water
    3 tbsp. butter
    • Beat all ingredients together. Process in blender until smooth and store in refrigerator. Makes 1 1/4 cups or the equivalent of 1 can.

    • Tuck  card-board six-pack container in a tote bag and you've got an organizer for garden tools.

    • Instead of filling a pretty sham with a pillow stuffer, stow linen sets or pajamas inside.
    • Tangy Tea:  After opening a can of fruit, drain the syrup into an ice-cube tray and freeze it until ready to make a pitcher of iced tea.   Add a few cubes to the tea for a delicious fruity flavor that doesn't taste water down.  
    • Removing badly burnt-on food from a saucepan or skillet:  If you have managed to make a black burnt mess of your favorite pot or pan, you have probably learned that even using a coarse kitchen scrubber won't make much of a dent in cleaning the bottom. However, there is an inexpensive solution.  Pour one cup of cola into the saucepan or skillet and bring to a boil for two minutes. Repeat if neccessary. You can also allow the pot to soak overnight with a cup of cola as well, although this might not remove the stubbornest stains. 
    • Prewash Laundry Stain Removal Treatment RecipeThis stain removal recipe can be made in bulk and stored in a plastic spray bottle.Create a mixture of 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup liquid detergent, 1/3 cup ammonia. Pour into a clean plastic spray bottle. To use, spray directly on stain, and let soak before washing in the washing machine as normal.
    • Make your own Febreeze
      In a 32 ounce clean spray bottle, place 4 tablespoons of Ultra Downy fabric softener (you can chose the scent you like best, or use liquid fabric softener you already own.) Then fill the spray bottle with water, leaving about an inch from the top. Gently shake, then use just as you would use febreeze.  As with all cleaners, spot test before spraying on any fabric or furniture

    • Kitchen sponges can become full of germs. Place your sponge in a large microwave-safe mixing bowl and cover the sponge with water. The sponge should be completely covered with water, but the water level should be below the rim of the bowl. Microwave the entire bowl (with sponge) on high for approximately 3 minutes. As long as the water level is just right, it won't boil over. Speaking of which, be careful not to burn yourself... Rinse the sponge with cold water, or just let it cool completely, before you use your sponge. It'll be scalding hot when you take it out -- but completely germ free!

    • Here’s a cleaning tip.  Do you have one of those brushes like you see in the picture that are supposed to be for cleaning cobwebs off ceilings or for ceiling fans, etc.?  Well, I got the idea to use it in my shower – of course make sure it is clean, not full of dust or you will just make mud.  Anyway,  it did a great job – just use whatever you use for all purpose cleaner and this brush swirls into the corners and under the cracks and you don’t have to bend over.  I just loved it!

      Home Remedies Please note:  Although I am posting these, it does not mean that I have tried every one.  They are remedies that I have heard or read about.  Try them at your own risk.
    • Repel bugs naturally - Mix two drops of essential oil (like geranium, peppermint or eucalyptus, available at health-food stores) into two teaspoons of water.  Rub the mixture on skin.
    • Apply cold first aid:  Hold an ice pack wrapped in cloth on a bite for 15 - 20 minutes.  The cold will ease both swelling and itching by reducing blood flow to the wound site.
    • Relieved pain:  Smear toothpaste or baking soda paste ( 3 teaspoons of baking soda t 1 teasppon of water) on a bite or sting several times a day until pain and swelling subside  *Not in reach of these - try mud, it works too!

    44 Household Tips and Hints
      Below are just some household tips and hints. I have not tried all these so can’t tell if they work or not.  You can try them at your own risk. Winking smile I don’t even know where I found all these.  I guess I just gathered them up here and there hoping to try them.  So if you see one that I have “stolen” , please let me know because that is the last thing I want to do.  Who me?
      I know there are many many more tips than I could even list!  One thing I love to do is get a hold of those little books that list lots and lots of tips.  I can always find something that sounds good and that I want to try.  If you know a great tip or a great homemaking website, would you do me a favor and leave a comment below with your tip or your website or both.  I would love to add to this.  Thanks so much!


    1. Remove a laundry stain from clothing as soon as you know it is there.
    2.  Easy oven clean-ammonia on aluminum pie pan in your oven overnight.  Remove and wipe oven clean.
    3.  Put towels in washer with your shower curtain-they will help remove soap scum.
    4.  Set toaster inside shoe box lid to keep crumbs off counter. Cover lid with matching wallpaper.
    5.  Sprinkle a few tablespoons of salt onto ironing board and run hot iron over it to remove dirt from bottom of iron.
    6.  Coat clean windowsills with a thin coating of floor wax.  It protects painted surface, prevents dirt from adhering and makes cleaning easy. You can do the same on fan blades.
    7.  Scorched pans?  sprinkle liberally with baking soda with enough water to moisten. Let paste stand for several hours.
    8.  A cup of vinegar in mop water will make your kitchen floor gleam                                                              
    9.  Use a clean dust mop to dust ceilings.  It works great to get those sticky cob webs, etc.(You can also use a sticky lint remover over a paint roller).  Put your dust mop in a grocery bag, tie handles tight, shake and dust will fall into the bag.
    10.  Play some peppy music.  It helps you to go faster and feel better while cleaning. Stay focused and don't let other things side track you.  Play games with the timer.  It can be fun for you too, not just the kids.
    11. Keep disinfectant wipes on hand.  They are great for last minute clean ups or emergencies.
    12. Remove scuff marks on floor with pencil eraser or dryer sheet, or rubbing a rag dabbed in mineral spirits on hardwoord or using s drop of baby oil on vinyl floors.
    13.  Remove small spots of rust on chrome by rubbing with aluminum foil.  Scrunch a piece into a small ball with shiny side out.  Rub the rust until it disappears,  then polish.
    14.  Line top of cabinets with wax paper.  Display your knick knacks and when cleaning is needed, just replace wax paper.  This saves on dusting and cleaning.
    15.  Fill baby food jars with a small sample of each color of paint used in your home.  Label and save the samples to use for touch-ups.  Use cotton swabs to apply paint to small stains or marks on walls.
    16.  Get curtains out of way by looping them over a hanger, and hang from curtain rod.  You'll be able to clean the windows without wetting the fabric.
    17.  Us a squirt gun to spray cleaner on windows above your reach and wipe clean with along-handled squeegee.
    18.  Keep a basket on the stairs for items that belong upstairs.  Anyone going up is responsible for taking the basket along.
    19.  Have children take three belongings with them whenever they are on their way to their bedrooms. Also, have family do a five minute pickup each night before bed.                                                                       

    20.  Use small amount of baby oil to wipe fingerprints off stainless steel. Club Soda will also do the trick.
    21.  Sanitize sponges by running them through the dishwasher on top rack or put them in the washing machine.
    22.Apply stain removers to back of stain; it will push the stain out of the fabric.
    23.  For shiny floors-1/2 cup vinegar and 1 gallon warm water.
    24.  Clogged drain? Use 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar.  Let set a while and follow with boiling water.
    25.  Use a long handled brush or sponge mop to clean your tub to keep from bending over.
    26. Cut dryer sheets in half to make them go further.  One half works as well as a whole.
    27.  Sprinkle table salt on spills in oven.  When oven has cooled brush away the burnt food with damp sponge.
    28.  Mend ironing board tears-attach iron-on patches.                                                                  

    29.  Speed drying time of bulky items and jeans-add a dry towel to the dryer and it will help absorb some of the excess moisture.
    30.  A small natural paintbrush is good for removing dirt and dust that collect around books.
    31.  One cup water and 3/4 Tbsp. of baking soda placed in microwave for two minutes       will loosen stuck on food and dirt for easy clean up.
    32.  Oven cleaner will remove grease and oil stains in your driveway.
    33.  Stuck zipper?  Rub candle wax along zipper, then press with iron.
    34.  Rust on Chrome?  Clean with aluminum foil.
    35.  Use rubbing alcohol to shine appliances.
    36.  Remove stains from coffee cups by rubbing with salt and vinegar.
    37.  Using steel wool to fill your pin cushion will keep your needles sharp.
    38.  Pick up before you clean up.
    39.  Teamwork:  Let family members share in work.

    SPIFF UP IN MINUTES40.  Fold blankets and arrange pillows on sofas
    and stack newspapers and magazines.  Toss toys
    and other stray items into an empty laundry basket.
    41.  Load dirty dishes in the dishwasher, toss food wrappers in the trash and wipe off the kitchen table and counter.
    42.   Hang fresh towels in the bathroom. Spot clean the mirror, counter and sink.  Give the toilet bowl a quick scrub and clean the seat and rim.
    43.  Spritz a cloth with multisurface cleaner and
    wipe switchplates and knobs near the entryway so
    the house smells fresh when guests arrive.
    44. Finally, run a comb through your hair, light
    a  fragrant candle and sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring.

    1.  Make a TO DO list of  everything you have to do tomorrow.
    2.  Assign a priority to each item.
    3.  Begin with number one and finish before
         proceeding to next item.
    4.  Be flexible.
    5.  Pray over your list and ask the Lord's guidance and help.
    Three time wasters
    1. Phone
    2. T.V and/or internet
    3.  Going back to bed
    Websites and I know there are many more!

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